Pure Fried Onions

Fried onions without pure mix only fried onions, Lasts up to 2 months after production

Fried onions (5% flour)

Fried onions with 5% flour mixture, using tapiocaflour, lasts up to 6 months after production

Fried onions (10% flour)

Fried onions with 10% flour mixture, usingtapioca flour, lasts up to 8 months afterproduction

About Fried Onions

Fried onions are sliced ​​red onions that are fried until golden and crispy. This fried onion is a seasoning that is commonly used as a complementary garnish or seasoning that is sprinkled on various dishes. Abroad there is a similar type of food, namely fried onions, not using red onions, but using bigger onions. Compared to onions, onions are smaller in size, with a more intense purplish-red color. Generally, fried onions are made from onions that are large enough so that they are not easily crushed and crunchy when fried. The way to make fried onions is to peel the skin of the onion and then slice it thinly. The sliced ​​shallots are then deep-fried in a lot of cooking oil, until they are golden yellow-brown in color and have a crunchy texture. Fried onions have a fragrant aroma and a savory but slightly bitter taste.

About Factory

Starting in 1997 this company has become a supplier of fried onions to PT Indofood Sukses Makmur. Then, starting in 2013, the company's production was marketed to Kobe and Inafood. Previously, the company's products were marketed to traditional markets and modern markets. The location is in Garawangi District, Kuningan Regency, West Java. The location of the company is easy to reach because it is on an access point in and out of a good hotmix asphalt road and can be passed by large vehicles, and can be reached within 20 minutes from downtown Kuningan. The processing plant itself has modern facilities. Starting from the warehouse for storing raw materials for shallots and flour, sorting raw materials, washing raw materials, slicing, frying. Production equipment and machines are self-contained and modern. The raw materials for shallots are sourced mainly from the national onion production centers in Brebes and Kuningan. Processed hygienically and meets the requirements of health nutrition. Marketing Target Supplying fried onions to packaged food factories, meeting the needs of restaurants and packaged food shops. Production Capacity Raw materials, machines and human resources are ready to produce with a capacity of 150 tons of fried onions per month. By adding the machines in place that have been provided, the production capacity will be increased to 300 tons per month.

Fried Onion Factory

Fried Onion Factory